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Carpet Cleaning Procedure

  • Pre-Visual Inspection with home owner to identify hard to remove spots.
  • Pre-Spray of traffic areas with professional carpet cleaning solution.
  • Agitation (power scrubbing) of cleaner into carpet.
  • Dwell time for solution to break down soil.
  • Carpet is then power steam clean extracted leaving no soil or solutions.
  • Post inspection with Home Owner

Sanitizing/ Deodorizing

Odour control is always needed in a thorough clean. It neutralizes offensive smells and handles the toughest problems with a fighting solution that leaves a fresh, clean scent.

Carpet and Furniture Protector

Protectors’ provide a safeguard against the four main contaminants; soil, stains, spills, and oil, preventing them from becoming embedded, making carpets easier to clean and lasting longer.

All our cleaning products are biodegradable and environmentally safe.