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Auto Detailing

Here at tada! Cleaning services inc. we are committed in offering all of our customers the highest quality and workmanship in vehicle detailing and reconditioning. We are constantly updating our skill sets, equipment and chemicals to keep up with the ever changing technology and techniques.

tada! Auto detailing Procedure:

  • Pre-Visual Inspection with auto owner to identify hard to remove spots.
  • Pre-Spray of traffic areas with professional cleaning solution.
  • Agitation
  • Power steam clean extraction leaving no soil or solutions.
  • Post inspection with auto owner

We specialize in detailing the finest crevices within and restore the finish for the interior and also exterior surfaces to a mirror like finish.

Sanitizing/ Deodorizing

Odour control is always needed in a thorough clean. It neutralizes offensive smells and handles the toughest problems with a fighting solution that leaves a fresh, clean scent.

Carpet and Furniture Protector

Protectors’ provide a safeguard against the four main contaminants; soil, stains, spills, and oil, preventing them from becoming embedded, making carpets easier to clean and lasting longer.

All our cleaning products are biodegradable and environmentally safe.