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Upholstery/Leather Cleaning

Our on-site certified cleaning technicians are skilled with all fabrics and have the expertise and knowledge to identify all methods of upholstery cleaning.

Our upholstery cleaning specialists will clean and condition your leather fabric to prevent cracking and prolong the life and beauty. We will complete the final inspection with you to ensure you are totally satisfied with your service.

We provide steam cleaning or dry cleaning of delicate fibers.

tada! Upholstery Steam Cleaning Procedure:

  • Pre-Visual Inspection with home owner to identify hard to remove spots.
  • Pre-Spray of traffic areas with professional cleaning solution.
  • Agitation of cleaner into high traffic areas.
  • Dwell time for solution to break down soil.
  • Upholstery is then power steam clean extracted leaving no soil or solutions.
  • Post inspection with Home Owner